Testimonials 4

Here’s what some of our satisfied customers are saying:

Dear Mr. Sloboda,

You installed our septic system in 1990 when we renovated a summer bungalow on the lake into a year-round house. We have been very happy with the system and your service people all these years.

Recently, when the system was serviced, it was recommended that I use your laundry detergent to prevent the bubbling I was receiving from the one I have used, even though mine does not contain phosphates and I thought it was “green”.

Admittedly, I was skeptical, but decided to give the detergent a try. Amazing!

In my dark wash, I tossed in a good pair of shorts that had become stained by something that hadn’t washed out after many, many washings. I was using them as old gardening shorts. The first wash I put them in using your detergent, they came out spotless! It’s like getting a brand new pair of shorts. And, the clothes seem softer than before.

I’m sold! And looking forward to many more years of using your services and products.

Marcia M. Salton

Dear John,

Debbie and I wanted to thank you for the prompt and honest assistance in performing our recent septic system inspection. Your observations and corrections were a breath of fresh air in our dealings with contractors.

I was initially attracted to your company after conducting a search on the web and then listening to the posted video that John did on your website. I found it to be informative and honest hence to the call to have you visit our home.

I work for a large not for profit which I cannot name but we have many facilities that have septic systems and have recommended your company to our facilities director to consider using when needed.

I would highly recommend your company to any homeowner needing the services your company supplies.

Many thanks,
Walter and Debbie Pawlowski
Pine Bush, NY

Dear John,

It has been six years since you installed our septic system and we must apologize for not writing to you sooner.  From day one, you were readily available to answer any questions and address any of our concerns.  Because of the nature of our property, the installation site was a very difficult one.  Your knowledge, skill and expertise in getting this job done was unbelievable and is spoken about to this day!

We just had our annual check-up and as usual, everything is working perfectly.  We religiously use the chemicals every month and that’s all we have to do.

We did not want any more time to go by without expressing our gratitude to you and everyone who works for you.  Your company is the only one we would ever recommend to anyone who needs any type of septic work.  We wish you continued success in your business.

Kathy & Corey Sweeney