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Here’s what some of our satisfied customers are saying:

Dear John:

It has been six months since you installed our new septic system. Consequently, this letter is truly overdue. I think the reason I took so long in writing it is because there are so many ways you and your employees improved, not only our home, but our lives.

To begin, I must thank you again for your unwavering commitment to educating me. You took the time, even before you knew the problem we had and if you would fix it, to speak with me without hesitation on two separate occasions. Never once did I feel any pressure from you. In fact, you advised me to hire the company which had previously worked on the septic at the house so that I may gather past information. You explained everything to me from how septic systems work to how they fail. Being a city girl, I had no idea how complicated a septic system could be. However, you made it all make sense for me.

Second, you showed up when you said you would, on time, and informed me every step
of the way what needed to be done and how to best achieve it. Your professionalism is unparalleled. Having moved into this house and experiencing a new problem everyday which required calling “professionals” who were anything but impressive, I was greatly relieved to know I could trust in you to do the job and do it right. I have no doubts you
did the best you could for us.

Third, your staff was considerate and hardworking. I felt confident in their abilities. I appreciated your being on the job site, yet felt confident in your employees when you weren’t able to be.

Lastly, you gave us an estimate and stuck to it. You did all you could to keep our costs down. For this I say thank you.

Everything is working beautifully for us since you have replaced our old system. We use the bacteria monthly and feel confident we will continue to enjoy the pleasures of a working septic system. As I stated above, our home is improved by your fine work but, more importantly, you’d restored our faith in people. You’re a man of high principles and great integrity and the people you hire reflect these qualities. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with septic problems.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Very truly yours,
Kathleen Carroll

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