Code Requirements for Septic Tanks

The following are minimum requirements:

1 bedroom — 1000 gallon tank
2-3 bedrooms — 1250 gallon tank
4-5 bedrooms — 1500 gallon tank
Over 5 bedrooms — 2000 gallon tank or (2) 1000 gallon tanks

*** Note***

If laundry goes into the septic tank, the minimum tank size will not work.
You will need to go up 1 or 2 tank sizes.

Xactics are the tanks we recommend and sell.  Xactics tanks are the installed tank
of choice by American Septic Service.

Specifications on poly plastic septic tanks

  • 5 year guarantee on our tanks
  • Properly installed, they will not float
  • A one piece tank with no seams to leak
  • Safe for the environment – even lids & risers can be sealed tight
  • Can be used for drinking water (potable water)
  • Doesn’t crack by nature like concrete
  • No large equipment needed to install
  • Can be transported on a small pick-up, snowmobile trailer, etc.
  • Deliveries are available upon request