Septic Tanks

All septic tanks must be true to size, meaning the outlet water level will be consistent
with stated liquid size. If they are not, upgrading will be necessary. American Septic
strongly recommends poly or fiberglass tanks.

Sizing of septic tanks – 5 year guarantee on all if properly installed – Polyethelene is preferred

Xactics Septic TanksXactics are the tanks we recommend and sell. Xactics tanks are the installed tank of choice by American Septic Service.

Tank must meet or exceed the State’s minimum standard for
a septic tank.

A larger tank is always better – you can’t go too large, only too small.

These tanks will not float if installed properly to the manufacturers installation
instructions, therefore making them far superior to metal and concrete tanks.

How big of a tank will you need?

1 Bedroom – up to 2 people:
(1) 1250 gallons or larger

1 Bedroom – w/laundry and/or water softener:
(1) 1250 gallon + (1) 1000 gallons or larger

2 Bedroom – up to 4 people – no laundry:
(1) 1500 gallons min. or larger for retention time

2 Bedroom – up to 4 people – w/laundry:
(1) 1500 gal + (1) 1250 gal. min. or larger for retention time

3 Bedroom – up to 6 people no laundry:
(1) 1500 gallons + (1) 1500 gallons for retention time

3 Bedroom – up to 6 people w/laundry:
(1) 2000 gals. or (2) 1000 gals. preferred + 1,250 gal.

4 Bedroom – up to 8 people no laundry:
(2) 1500 gallons – minimum

4 Bedroom – up to 8 people w/laundry:
(2) 1500 gallons – minimum + 1250 for retention time

5 Bedroom and above to be calculated as per type of water going through, at what volume and in what period of time (a series of retention time will be needed).

Other things to consider. . . .

1. If a garbage disposal unit is in the system, a separate trash tank must be installed
overflowing into septic tank down stream and only biodegradable products should
go through it.  A yearly pumping of that tank is a must.

2. Whether you have a concrete, metal, poly or fiberglass septic tank, all outlet baffles
and structures need to be checked – especially concrete and metal.

3. Water meters with remotes must be installed to verify volumes if there is a problem.

4. No leaking fixtures allowed – if they exist and are not fixed, the next maintenance
call will be billed as a extra charge and if not fixed within 2 months, the guarantee is
not honored.  Once fixed, the guarantee will again be honored with a two-year grace
period for that guarantee.

5. If water conditioner goes through present concrete tank system, you must use
potassium salt.  Make sure no hot tubs, Jacuzzis, large volume water discharge of
any kind, or chlorine type products discharge are going through the system.  If so,
a separate system is required and/or added treatment at an additional charge.