Why would you want to do this?

1. To avoid constant messy dig-ups every time you have the septic pumped because of septic sludge plugging and backing up the leach fields.

2. To get the truth on how well your system is fermenting before you have a back-up on your floor in the house.

3. To learn the structural condition of your septic tank before you look out and see a large crater in your yard (hopefully with no one or a pet in the septic tank when it collapsed)! Metal and concrete tanks collapse more often than you realize. The gasses formed from acidic foods aggressively attack metal and concrete tanks at the outlet of your septic tank. This is one reason why PH is important. The other reason is, if your septic juice is acidic, basic foods like potatoes, bread, and macaroni, and products such as toilet paper, will not breakdown all the way and will bypass the outlet and plug up the leaching fields. This inspection is designed to give you good advice and possibly save a struggling leaching field headed for total failure. Remember, judging how well your system is working (fermenting) by how well your toilet flushes is not even close to really knowing how well the system is working. An inspection of the outlet is the best way to judge your septic system condition and functionality.