Scientific Septic Tank Adjustment & Process

The process is a necessary, common sense, scientific adjustment. Without it, the fermentation process in your septic tank will struggle or not work at all and eventually plug your leaching fields. Our process is safe! We use only natural products found in our environment. A lot of the products sold in big box stores and online are dangerous because often the base products come from a municipal sewer plant. These companies go into sewer plants and receive sewage free by pumping it out of the aerated part of the sewage plant. They then freeze dry the septic sludge and add carrier products such as cornmeal, sawdust, etc. So you are buying good and bad germs and viruses, etc. not to mention the hazardous materials mixed in that could be coming through the sewage treatment plant at that time. See below on how our throw and go septic tank juice adjustment method is applied. Please complete the Septic Tank Adjustment Questionnaire Here.
Throw and Go: Truly Green’s Scientific Septic Method

Process 1: PH Adjuster: Slowly pour the contents of the bag for step #1 into your toilet while flushing. It will enter your septic tank via the toilet. There is no need to add water to our solution. The raw material will fall to the bottom of the septic tank and break down slowly. This will help treat the upper and middle portions of the septic tank’s juice. The PH adjuster should be used first because it will bring an acidic septic tank to a more neutral PH, which allows the basic juice and materials inside the tank like paper, potatoes and pastas, etc. to breakdown, as well as tomatoes, vinegars and acidic foods. Then wait 24 hours before beginning Process 2.

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Process 2: Microbe Enhancer: After 24 hours, (when the PH adjuster has had time to do its job) slowly pour the contents of the bag for step #2 into the toilet while flushing it, sending it down to the septic tank. This process will hyper the feeding habits of your own bacteria that comes from all the foods we eat. The food you eat come with all the necessary bacteria that helps create the necessary enzymes in our stomach (digestive system) to break down what we eat. The septic tank, when the science is right, is an extension of our digestive system (stomach). If we get an upset stomach we take products like Tums or Rolaids. They make us feel better by adjusting the PH in our stomach to allow them to process the food without hurting us. This scientific process does the same thing for the septic tank and allows better and faster biodegradable breakdown by helping to neutralize the PH in the septic tank and slows down the deterioration of concrete and metal septic tanks.

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Did you know the acid in an anaerobic septic tank omits gases that can destroy the concrete and metal that was used for the manufacturing of the tank and attack our ozone layer? This is why it is extremely important to check and adjust the PH of your septic tank using our scientific septic, common sense tank process. This process will help prevent deterioration of your concrete or metal tank and leaching field concrete products like the junction or distribution box, drywells, cesspools, seepage pits and concrete infiltrators as well as make your bacteria work faster, reproduce, and multiply. This will make you feel safer the next time you flush your toilet.

There are other things that can affect the fermenting process like the retention time and temperature. We can teach you more about our process upon request.

Remember using our process is the first step to getting your septic tank to ferment properly. Our throw and go scientific process will be much better than what you are doing now because it will enhance what you are doing correctly and help to correct what is being done wrong.

Before moving onto Process 3, you MUST complete the Septic Tank Adjustment Questionnaire here.

For Process 3 – Click here if you’ve already completed the Tank Adjustment Questionnaire