Question: Why would I buy Truly Green’s Scientific Septic Tank Adjustment aerobic process rather than much cheaper products over the internet or big box stores?

Answer: 1. All of our Truly Green non-mechanical aerobic products are all-natural, made by Mother Earth herself and cultured in a safe laboratory environment. An aerobic process, as opposed to an anaerobic product, actually works 30% times faster when the science (Truly Green Septic Process) is working.

2. In the long run, our Truly Green Septic Aerobic Process is far cheaper than other products, because it actually works and is safer than a lot of misleading cheaper products that originate from a municipal sewer plant.

3. This Truly Green Aerobic Process gets to the cause of the problem and then we work with you and give you other options that may exist that you may have never thought about. We do for you what no other companies’ offer; that is: our questionnaire for you to fill out honestly so we can help you solve your septic problem even though your toilet is still flushing. The toilet is the last place to find if you are having septic problems because by then it is too late. Pumping doesn’t solve the problem, it only prolongs it. When the system is in failure mode the time between pumpings becomes shorter and shorter. A backup is not a sign you need a pumping; it is your septic system telling you it has an internal scientific problem.