American Septic Tank Pumping Service

American Septic Service, a Truly Green Septic Service company will provide you with
a complete written report on the condition of your septic system and how it’s working.
This report is probably the most important tool you could have for your home.  It helps
you understand exactly what demands you’re putting on your septic system, and what
you can do to improve the efficiency of that system.  Learn how you can actually save
money and the environment.   Call us now at (845) 895-2501.

And when we quote you a price, that’s all you pay.  There are no hidden fees.
Beware of companies that want to charge you the New York State Environmental tax.
There’s No Such Thing!

Or a New York State Disposal tax.
There’s No Such Thing!

Septic Tank Pumping Options

There are two options when it comes to pumping out your septic tank.

SERVICING – As per New York State code, a good proper pumping is achieved when you
leave 1/3 of the juice (bacteria laden juice only) in the center of the tank.  We pump the
top sludge and bottom dirt leaving about 1/3 of the product.  This keeps the existing
bacteria colonies that are accustomed to your usage and establishes new bacteria just
as if you buy a product to add that is very possibly dangerous to hands!  If you presently
treat your system as you should with bacteria, then by completely emptying the septic
tank you would be wasting many products you are adding.  Beware of any products you
may buy and where the raw material comes from!

FULL PUMPING – We pump out the tank completely leaving only a little product on the
bottom – 1″ or 2″.  If tank hasn’t been pumped in over 5 years there may be product too
heavy to pump, so first we back wash under pressure and get what we can to break up.
If we can’t get it all, you should go on our Green Bacteria Program.  It will make the hard
clumps of sludge turn to clean water in about 6 months of use.  Our bacteria will also do
the same in your leaching field.  Our Bacteria Program cultures aerobic bacteria much
faster than the anerobic bacteria dominant in a conventional system, that at most 98%
of homes now have.  Out of that, 95% are in a failure mode.  Just because the toilet
flushes, doesn’t mean the system is functioning properly.  If not functioning properly,
you could be polluting the environment….including your own ground water.