Introduction to Truly Green Septic

What is it?  It’s a non-mechanical (no electric) aerobic and anaerobic functioning and fermenting process developed by micro-biologists teamed up with Sloboda Brothers DBA American Septic doing the field testing since 2003.  This process, when the recipe is right, will produce a clear odorless discharge from the septic tank feeding the drainfield.

Sloboda Brothers believes and has tested with this process another septic process that will evaporate all the daily use of water coming from a home in a 24 hour period.  We have done it.  It just takes time and money to get it perfected and on the market.  This leaching field process will be Truly Green also!!

Plugged up Leach Field

This clear fluid, from our Truly Green process is high
in oxygen and will clean up a failed leaching field in
about 4 weeks.  We call this process our Digless
Repair.  It’s digless if the septic tank has the right
retention time.  If it doesn’t, after we review what’s
coming from the house it may be necessary to add
another retention tank to the existing amount of
retention.  Most septic problems of plugged leaching
fields with sludge occurs because of excessive water,
and non-biodegradable products like soaps, etc.

This digless process comes with a lifetime guarantee
on the leaching field not to plug with septage.
Remember, this works only where the recipe is
right.  Your Truly Green Septic contractor will
take care of your septic tank based on your needs
and it’s usually minimum design.  99% of septic
systems are designed by using a minimum sizing
chart design put out by the Health Department. 
That is why 95% of them fail.  Your septic tank’s scientific needs are just like taking care of a swimming pool or baking a cake.  If the recipe is wrong, then there is failure.

Throw-and-go products.  You need to get rid of XYZ septic products unless you know where the base ingredients come from.  Most of these products bought over the internet, through the mail or big box stores don’t tell you where they come from or how to properly use them.  As for where they come from, many of these products, especially the dark ones or the ones with dark flakes, basically come from city sewer plants.  These are freeze dried and broken up, mixed with cereals and/or cornmeal and sold to you for what you believe is a safe product.  It is not a safe product because it will have all the germs and viruses coming from the city’s sewer plants.   Not all of these products are dangerous but you’re playing Russian roulette with your family’s health and well being.  Then, even if the raw source of material in the bag, box or some containers whether the product is liquid or a powder you’re still playing septic roulette because if the juices (septage) in the septic aren’t adjusted to accept and grow bacteria, it won’t work if your poop that already is fermenting and is not continuing to ferment in your septic tank, how can these products work when this happens.

bad bacteria

Bad Bacteria

The science in the tank needs adjusting not bacteria.  It’s comparable to trying to grow a garden on blacktop or throwing your garden seeds in a fire.  If you think that’s crazy, then stop buying these over the counter throw and go products and get a pro or learn how to do it yourself by going to our “how to do it website”  and learn fact from fiction.  These throw and go products, as per a micro biologist, can be more dangerous than a stick of dynamite lit with a short fuse, which the biologist would rather hold than take a chance on the bacteria.  Always remember this fact, once bad germs and bacteria and viruses are mixed they can’t be separated.

All products in the Truly Green septic process are NSF approved and the bacteria are individually grown in a laboratory environment and are safe when used as directed.

This non mechanical aerobic process was developed to clean poop in fish ponds where shrimp, etc were grown for human consumption.  We were asked to work with this recipe and see if it would work for septic systems.  It worked with a little tweaking.  We were impressed because we have been a mechanical (electric) aerobic dealer for the past 20 years so we know the benefits of aerobic treatment is 100 times faster than anaerobic and we knew that in the future some day someone would develop the non (no electric) aerobic process.  Little did we know we would play a key part in getting this process to homeowners, much less teaching our competitors through the BOCES school system on how to apply this process to their own customer base.

This Truly Green process can be adapted to the suburban and rural areas as well as developed to cut down on demand and pollution at sewer plants.  Sewer plants by industry are probably one of the top ten polluting industries in the world today.  This is a well known fact by those working in and around that industry.

brown sewer water

Sewer Water

Our process could cut back on sewer plant pollution, maintenance cost including the sewer pipes in the streets called sewer infrastructure and ozone pollution at house sewer plants.  Also it will allow authorization to catch abusers of sewer systems and punish them instead of hitting the taxpayers in their wallets.  This process could save billions of dollars and river streams from pollutants.

Did you know that on any rainy day sewer plants discharge 100% of their daily flow even days after the heavy rain.  This pollutant can be controlled if not stopped and at a much lower cost.  Not to mention the cost to the environment and our health.  So you see, there is a good answer if someone would listen.

In Orange County, NY alone, a minimum 32 million gallons of polluted waste water goes into the ground every 24 hours from home septic systems.  Plus the millions of gallons of chemical induced fluid coming out of sewer plants.  Sewer plants primarily treat septic waste on non rainy days and all the rest go right out to the rivers, streams and ground water.  The world needs to wake up about this, especially since the technology is out there to do this cheaply.  Our process could make a sewer plant odorless and discharge much cleaner water, then the environment may be able to help with the clean up process.

For city sewers we have mechanical extractors that remove 99.6% fats, grease and oils (FOG) from the sewer pipe and costly accumulation at the sewer plant.  This FOG removal can be done cost effectively by installing the proper size (larger is better) mechanical great extractor that will remove 99.6% of the FOG.  Millions of dollars per year can be saved on the demand for electric and maintenance.  Not to mention the amount of solids the plant has to break down now at a high cost to the taxpayer.

Clogged Grease Trap

Clogged Grease Trap

Present day grease traps do not do the job whether they are interior or exterior.  They at best remove 35% but here’s the clincher, most function around 5 to 15%.  That is why city sewer workers are out cleaning the pipes all the time at a very high cost to the taxpayer.  These mechanical grease traps that remove 99.6% FOG kick the FOG out of the side of the grease separation so clean it can be reprocessed and used for lipstick, dog food etc. or it’s a 1/3 way to bio diesel.

In Connecticut by 2011 all food places have to have mechanical grease traps and the state will collect the FOG and make bio diesel to be used by the state.  This is a great idea taking something that’s been a costly headache and making something useful and cheaper and environmentally friendly when used up.  Go to our grease separator section for information on how they work, where to buy one and the cost.  There is a short maintenance video there on how to maintain them.