Green Products / Bio Solutions

Green Natural BioSolutions Soaps and Cleaners

The oxygen generated from the product helps to kill anaerobic pathogenic bacteria of the floor and imparts a natural freshness to the air.

Our soaps are what you would call “Green Type Soaps” they are all NSF approved.

These products are fast dissolving soaps, unlike the old fashioned type soap you have been using or stopped using because they didn’t dissolve and would flow out and plug the leaching field.

These products, once diluted in the septic tank or drywell help create a good environment for the Bio Breakdown of the Septic or Gray Water System.

There are no harmful chemicals like nitrates, nitrites – phosphates and perfumed chemicals to harm you, your family, your septic system or the underground environment including lakes, streams and rivers etc.

You will not find these environmentally safe soaps anywhere at this time but participating locations.

The Bio-Solution product that American Septic recommends and Jenny on the Spot distributes does not contain phosphates, caustic soda, toxic chemicals, or artificial scents.

Cleans tile, marble, wood, and linoleum floors. Will not harm wax on floors or your flowers and vegetation when used outside on decks and sliding doors.

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The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) stated that the cost of slip-and-fall accidents overall is approximately $80 billion per year.

Inside Edition reported that approximately 13 million people are injured and 16,000 deaths each year are due to slips-and-falls. Many are caused when unsuspecting shoppers encounter slippery floor surfaces.

Many of these accidents are often caused by a floor hazard, usually a wet floor, and wind up costing business owners and Building Service Contractors (BSCs) millions of dollars in insurance claims, medical expenses, litigation costs, and insurance rate increases, says Russell J. Kendzior, National Floor Safety Institute in Southlake, Texas.

A Great Way to Reduce the Risks of Slip-and-Fall Incidents

Bio-Solutions floor soap is another way to reduce slips-and-falls

  • Provides a Safer Environment
  • Quick drying (2-3 minutes) compared to 6-10 minutes for other conventional products
  • Removes grease, proteins, starch, and other dirt from floors with a combination of enzymes, anionic surfactants, oxygen products, silicates, and buffers

A Great Way to Warn Customers of a Wet Floor

Our flashing Wet Floor sign Our wet floor sign is designed to get customers attention with flashing red LED lights. Requires two double A batteries for each side, included with every sign. Has a push button on and off switch for each side. Each electronic unit has a protective cover. The sign is yellow with black print and red flashing emblem.

Slip-and-fall incidents are one of the most common liabilities for businesses.