Grease Trap


Removes 99.6% of Fats, Grease and Oil

Control your restaurant’s grease, odor and drain problems.
Never empty a dirty, smelly grease trap again.
This is the most efficient grease trap available on the market today.

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If your objective is to reduce oils accumulating in your drain lines and eliminate the expense of periodic pumping then you must consider the most efficient system available for that purpose. The Goslyn™ units will remove more than 99.6% of the oils introduced from food preparation efficiently without any moving parts or noxious odors.  It goes inside under most sinks.  Electric heater works only when restaurant is not open or in use.

It is UL Listed and has NSF Certifications for passing industry standards ASME A112.14.3 and ASME A112.14.4. As a matter of fact, the Goslyn™ far exceeded these industry standards!

ASME112.14.4- Grease Recovery Device (25 GPM)
Pounds of grease added to device 75 lbs
Required amount of grease to recover 25 lbs
Actual amount of grease recovered by Goslyn™ 74 lbs
Maximum percent of water content allowed in grease recovered 5.0%
Actual percent of water content in grease recovered 0.3%
The Goslyn™ requires only seconds per day in maintenance – the operator never has to empty a dirty, smelly grease trap again!

The innovative (patent pending) Goslyn™ is an immiscible liquid separator which operates under hydrostatic pressure and does not require any moving parts. It continuously and permanently removes Fats, Oils & Greases from waste effluent – keeping your drains free and clear while eliminating the need for costly dousing systems or grease trap pumping.

Allow 12 inches clear above lid for basket removal. Basket is at inlet end and is 8” wide.
Inlet and Outlets are 2” ID – NPT. All dimensions are in inches.

Grease Management Program

Grease and other food preparation by products that are not disposed of properly are the main source of odors and drain line clogs. Bad odors coming from kitchen drains and the grease trap give customers the impression that a kitchen is not clean. Grease allowed to go down the drains will cause drain blockages and backup water into the kitchen. Food allowed to go down the drains will also cause drain blockages and as the food rots in the drain and grease trap odors will form. Most city, counties and states have ordinances against putting food and grease into the drain and sewer system. In fact they can charge overage fees and or fine a food preparation facility. The operators could face closure or incarceration in some instances. Food and grease allowed entering our sewer systems are one of the main causes of pollution in our water and sewer systems. The Federal Governments Clean Water Act prohibits restaurants from polluting our sewer and water systems. All cities and counties are taking steps to reduce and stop this pollution.

Restaurant management can be in total control of this grease and food pollution by implementing a Goslyn™ system.  Following these practices will limit the amount of food particles and grease put into your drain systems. Every one should follow the two step approach to eliminate fats, oils, greases and food solids from restaurant waste water. First, install a Goslyn™ automatic immiscible liquid separator with an innovative (patent pending) technology capable of continuously and permanently removing Fats, Oils, Greases and large food patricides from waste water effluent. It keeps drains free and clear while eliminating the need for costly grease trap pumping. It is typically these food particles, mixing with the fats, oils and greases, which cause the majority of drain blockages. Second establish a preventative maintenance program for your drain lines and sinks. Working together and following the procedures listed below we will be able to reduce your wastewater bill and stay within your ordinances limits:

Goslyn System Procedures

Important: Operators-It is required that you perform the follow tasks either before or after normal business operating hours when all cooking and prep utensils have been properly cleaned and put away. Employees must ensure that all food products have been removed from the area so as to guard against contamination. Finally, all employees must wash their hands after performing theses tasks.

  • Empty the strainer basket into a proper waste receptacle and wipe out under lid.
  • Empty the oil cassette daily or as required.
  • Use the bottlebrush daily to clean the oil outlet assembly, both vertical and horizontal tubes. Clean the bottlebrush after use similarly to all cooking utensils.
  • Open the flush valve daily for 10 seconds with water flowing through the unit. Do not allow the unit to empty as the heating element may become damaged.

Standard Operating Procedures for Proper Fats, Oils and Grease Handling

We recommend the following procedures be implemented as a part of your Standard Operating Procedures and that you require each employee to follow these procedures:

  • As much as possible: prevent food or food particles from entering your drain lines. Insure all lines have covers securely attached. We recommend drain socks be used in trouble drain locations.  Do not Pour Grease in Sinks or Drains.
  • Train dishwashing personnel to thoroughly scrape plates and cookware to remove all food waste, especially cooking oils and creamy sauces and gravies, which are high in grease, before rinsing dishes. Thorough scraping of dishes will prevent the majority of grease in your waste stream from entering your drain system.
  • Pre-wash all dishes and pans in a sink with a strainer prior to putting in dishwasher Empty Strainer & Food From Sink Bottom into Garbage Can
  • All sinks and drains should be equipped with strainers to catch food particles, Never operate sink without strainer.
  • Make sure to have all floor drain covers screwed down tightly.  Sweep all dropped food and dispose of in a Garbage Can.
  • All grease should be collected and discarded in a proper grease barrel to be picked up by your licensed hauler.

Please treat this matter seriously; follow the above procedures and we will be able to control your restaurant’s grease, odor and drain problems using the Goslyn™ system.

Through cooperation and coordination we can keep your kitchen odor free, clean and operating more efficiently than ever before.