About Truly Green Septic

American SepticJohn Sloboda has worked in the septic business since
1963.  He is a family man and has included his family
in the development of his vision.  The result?  Sloboda
Bros., Inc. doing business as American Septic Service.
They have learned the business and share in the work
to constantly improve and help develop his company.
As local licensed distributors of Truly Green Septic
, they have taken it to the next level.

John started as a home septic installer and repair
contractor.  He added septic pumping to the growing
business so that he could understand and control
all aspects of the business.   John has learned from
experience what works and what doesn’t, and more
importantly, why?  He discovered the big benefit of
aerobic bacteria mixed with anaerobic breakdown.
He is currently working on developing a Truly Green
Septic, Not-for-Profit organization.  This will allow him
to do research and discovery with a focus on sending clean, clear water out of the septic
tank outlet before it is returned into the environment.  He also wants to expand his focus
on evaporating septic water.  He has done it and it works!

Family owned and operated for over 50 years.

Family owned and operated for over 50 years.

John has also helped his two daughters and their husbands grow a portable toilet business that is known for its spotless, high tech units.  Together they are working on developing an odorless, biodegradable, anti-freeze portable toilet.

John saw the need for scientific answers to the difficult problems of wastewater pollution.  He again expanded his business to include mechanical aerobic wastewater treatment systems to address the problems of homes located near rivers, streams or on lake shores.  John continues to give homeowners straight answers to saving the environment and avoiding the high cost of hooking into already overtaxed municipal sewer systems.  He has helped develop a non-mechanical aerobic Truly Green Septic process.  And now, it’s up to you to educate yourself about the large savings to you and to the environment.

The septic business continues to present new opportunities.  John’s knowledge from
years of working in the field give him a unique understanding of what is needed, what
works, and how to get the job done.  The “science of septic” now offers John another
chance to lead in his field.  He has developed a septic maintenance program using
bio-solutions to keep systems working properly and giving the homeowner peace
of mind to help them avoid future high costs of repairing a failed system.  John’s
“digless repair” solution allows treatment of failing systems as well as maintaining
the efficiency of working systems.

Truly Green founder John Sloboda
A History of Innovation

From the beginning, John looked for solutions rather than
maintaining the status quo.  He saw the need to solve the
problems of heavy concrete and metal septic tanks that would
corrode over time and pollute the environment.  So, instead
of tanks that can weigh as much as 6,000 lbs., he designed lighter,
safer fiberglass septic tanks.  They weigh only 300 lbs. and since
they are seamless, they won’t leak.  As you can see from the
articles below, more than 25 years ago John was already leading
the way towards a Truly Green environment.  He is a man who is truly ahead of his time.

Fiberglass Septic Tank

Developing the Fiberglass Septic Tank

John’s commitment to solve wastewater problems and protect the environment keeps his
company in the forefront of the industry.  His proven methods are well documented.  John
has established a program that can be duplicated in other areas by service contractors
that John is willing to educate and certify.  This is the Truly Green Septic by science
maintenance process!

John was an Eagle Scout, and has carried the qualities forward into his business and
family life.  John works with individual home owners, property owner associations,
municipal systems, small commercial businesses as well as local and state government
groups.  He is also a veteran and a man you can trust to solve your septic problems and
maintain your system to give you peace of mind.

John now is working on a no leach field septic system and is looking for investors
if anyone is interested.